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wedding officiant Tom Stone


Tom has been in ministry for 51 years and has been serving as the Pastor of Counseling and Care at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler for the past 21 years.  He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University and Southwestern Theological Seminary. 

He was married for 32 years before losing his first wife to cancer.  Tom remarried and has been with his wife, Lisa for 17 years.  Tom and his wife are a blended family, with 7 adult children, 14 grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Because of the diversity of experiences Tom has had in his life, he is able to relate to people of all situations.  He would say that his total of 49 years of excellent marriage has equipped him to speak into the lives of couples anticipating their wedding, with first-hand experience in areas of relationship such as: expressing love, establishing trust, developing communication and offering forgiveness.  He emphasizes the need for couples to make their service to each other a high priority, creating tangible expressions of the love that puts the needs of the other before their own.  These principles insure the success of any couple who is willing to invest in creating a loving environment within their home.

Tom offers traditional as well as “customized” wedding services, which include the elements most important and most expressive of the love of the couple.  He will personally provide guidance in creating a beautiful, memorable service that flows and expresses the most meaningful elements of their relationship.  He endeavors to capture the hearts of the family as well as the audience in his presentation, by presenting a picture of the most lasting elements of a great marriage, insuring a beautiful and lasting relationship for years to come.